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59" 0273 Soaking Freestanding Tub and Tray With Internal Drain

59" 0273 Soaking Freestanding Tub and Tray With Internal Drain

Key Features

 Overall Exterior Dimensions: 59.1 in. Length x 27.6 in. Width x 22 in. Height

 Interior Soaking Dimensions: 43.3 in. Bottom Length x 18.7 in. Bottom Width x 14.1 in. Soaking Height

 We only use 100% pure LUCITE acrylic sheets in manufacturing our acrylic bathtubs. LUCITE acrylic sheets are the highest grade of acrylic that are available on the market. Incorporating pure LUCITE acrylic sheets in the manufacturing process of our bathtubs guarantees that the bathtub will retain its pristine color and will not yellow or stain with time.

 During the production process, our bathtubs utilize a thickness of 3.8mm with LUCITE acrylic sheets. LUCITE is the most famous and reputable brand for acrylic sheets that are used in premium-made bathtubs. Other bathtub brands usually use a thickness of 3.0 mm. Increased thickness provides additional benefits such as extending the lifetime of the bathtub, providing extra durability, allowing for extended heat retention, and maximizing the soaking time with each bathing session.

 Thanks to our above average thickness of acrylic sheet that is used in the production process, our acrylic is not only much more durable and resistant to scratching, but it will also withstand heavy usage.

 At the interior base of each bathtub, we insulate using fiberglass to provide additional support and reinforce the stainless-steel frame as well as the shape of the bathtub. Doing so ensures that the bathtub will be able to be used for years to come and retain its pristine shape, while not bending or molding in form. Additionally, this results in an increase in overall heat retention and longer bathing time.

 The surface of the bathtub utilizes glaze rather than paint to give the bathtub its high-gloss finish. Paint can chip away and crack with time, while glaze ensures that the bathtub color is fade-resistant and retains its pristine high-gloss look for years to come.

 This bathtub comes with a brushed gun metal drain. If this is not the drain color that you are looking for, please contact our support team for assistance.

 The drain comes separately inside of the main bathtub box. For assistance or installation help, please refer to the installation guide in the documents section or refer to the installation videos on this product listing. Should you still require assistance or help, please reach out to a Streamline product specialist for further assistance.

 There is NO deck-mount faucet capability for this bathtub. A deck-mount faucet CANNOT be used with the bathtub.

 This bathtub DOES have an overflow.

 Bathing capacity of 60 gallons

 Bathtub comes with a 5-year limited warranty. For further details, please navigate to the documents section of the listing.


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